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Cute little work in progress...

2011-08-02 17:22:22 by Kweaks

Working on a new project:
Jez Stryfer

Cute little work in progress...

Need Talented Voice Actors

2011-07-24 01:08:55 by Kweaks

I need a voice for my character, Jez Stryfer. He has an adult voice, kind of silly, sort of announcer-like. Think Troy McClure if you've ever watched The Simpsons.

He has a really odd, sometimes hysterically distorted way of thinking, and is an entertainer, but becomes serious every now and then. He isn't mentally challenged at all though, and speaks fluently.
Some audition lines:

*Jez wakes up in a casket after being falsely proclaimed dead*
"Oh no, who died? Well I gotta go buy some crayons because I can't miss my damn coloring time again or there will be hell to pay!"

*Jez is buying deodorant*
"I just... I just don't know which kind to get, I mean... I'm not getting the gel, because you and I both know that the gel is just too difficult to eat."

And I'm making a supporting character as well, at first the idea was a balloon, but I decided against it.
This character will need a deep, African-American sounding voice. If that can't be done a deep voice in general may work.

Audition line:
*Driving past an ice-cream joint*
"Damnit Jez, No. I have bought you twelve damn small cones today."

The people who get the roles, depending on how many cartoon shorts I make, I will paypal $5 per short.

Image in better quality:

Need Talented Voice Actors

Before I make a thread for it, if anyone feels like jumping at it, I need:

An older but easy to listen to male voice, like the emperor from Oblivion.
An intelligence agency briefing voice.

And a background artist who can create natural landscapes as well as man-made environments with nice quality.

I myself am making the animated sprites and all of the graphics besides the backgrounds. My partner is doing the programming for the game.

If you are interested please give me some samples of your work, then I can discuss the details of the game. There will be some kind of compensation, though I can't guarantee much, I will throw a little money your way at the least. I'm not sure how to set up a commission-based pay system yet but I will figure it out before we market it.

You really don't have to be a ho... (Flash in Progress...)

2010-08-11 00:53:36 by Kweaks

Idk what I'm gonna do with this, but I like the song a lot. Here's what I have animated thus far: .html

And here's the full song it's to: 6m0U

What do I do? Make it solo? A tennis collab or a full collab? Kind of torn here. Also there are things that may need touched up which I'll get to later...


2010-06-11 23:37:07 by Kweaks

I want to get a good amount of work done within the next few months, since the flash on my profile is ancient and not really good.

Also, soccer:


I Can't Sleep... 2

2009-12-14 22:31:41 by Kweaks

I wanna make a big one-up to last year's collab, this time I'll actually not suck at making it look good.
If you wanna join this time around, just ask, I'll make a thread tomorrow.

Also a cute little treat for you that I unearthed, made it a few months ago in about a half-hour. (The thumbs up/down represents the quality at the time): 0839_quality.php

WIP Boogley commission

2009-10-04 19:43:46 by Kweaks

The "Intimidating Boogley" A work in progress...
... because I haven't made a post in months.

WIP Boogley commission

New art stuff.

2009-06-21 01:41:11 by Kweaks

Added a submission to the Art portal, as well as changed my icon.

Also a new flash is in the works.

A few updates

2009-06-17 00:51:37 by Kweaks

I've been working on my part for the Playstation Collab slowly but surely, in tiny bits. Most of my work will probably be done the day before :/

I'm also making a music video animation to the song 'All Nite Diner' by Modest Mouse... it's coming along pretty good I guess.

I play Spewer in between animating, here's a level I made:

eNqdUstOBSEM/RV3brBpC+URPsF/IHGhiXHnNf H3LY+Z4WpimAlNBw6cnlMYMrQ4WI64X/0TBx3P kdhPIaeYPEVH6YKmM6SWeY2JB/FUl1HHBdpslI xY48IlIq4q9svYgk8wVeVXyDp1/eH/UJdGfv5+
ffm4Pd4e3t4/b1+ZEDNqFmOD5ETgdBZT/aBBkE KUQIxzNQ2AIBiPEAeQNKmLVHNHdB4bJwwgOrB1 nbYTovdbZZQSGuASkG5Kyw0JAqnK7IDy1ZWkXZ hjLTgfkQCuArgBicHfnSD1xr3KDu3afoZc72kg XkZLcpwRaOpuADbWAhaBtw4stBpht+fb9aI2Nm pgrLucJoPIYJubw3Ks2zxbtr4/Cm1ACoaURv3R sqhN5Yh54lJxFaGi2qQXxiXrP11K+QGNcP6o

Yeah so go ahead and copy and paste that in Spewer, nice little bonus level from yours truly.
Fucking hate that scientist, though. He needs to get outta my grill, yo.


2009-06-04 21:40:30 by Kweaks


Art: Kweaks
Programming: CrypticPoptart

We're making a zombie survival game I'm pretty sure. So we need some sinister, ambient music as well as some actiony music for intense parts.